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Scouting & Irrigation

Moisture in the Skin

For the basics of Turfgrass Thermography see: Using Thermal and Visual Image Data to Manage Turfgrass.

Read how thermography can make large turf fans more effective and efficient.

the video: A Day in the Life of a Green

Quick Look at an irrigation event on a green.

Assessing Irrigation Distribution

Hawk-Eye System User Manual

How to get at the Image Data


Hawk-Eye™ System set-up support.

Establishing measurement areas.

System maintenence and Operator training.

Plant thermography training.

Schedule a Fan Audit

Schedule an Irrigation Effieciency Audit







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Turf-Vu® Services & Products

How and Why an EYAS and/or Hawk-Eye™ will work for You.

Turf ViewsTurf Measurements

Turf-Vu® Services and our Hawk-Eye™ product are your oppontunity to measure and guide irrigation and cultivation practices.

See, measure, be informed (in real-time, 24/7) about quality, stress, and the water needed by the turf.

It Works

Your turf is talking to you.

Get irrigation right. Get ahead of disease and pest pressures.

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