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Hawk-Eye System User Manual

For the basics of Turfgrass Thermography see: Using Thermal and Visual Image Data to Manage Turfgrass.

the video A Day in the Life of a Green

Turf-Vu® Imaging System User Info

Quick Look at an Irrigation_Event on a green.


Independent Comments on our Fan Surveys

Schedule a Fan Audit or DIY with a FLIR ONE


Schedule an Irrigation Effieciency Audit



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Turf-Vu® Services & Products

Turf-Vu® Services and our Hawk-Eye™ product are your oppontunity to see and understand the impact and effeciency of your fans, your irrigation system, and your cultivation practices.

See, measure , be informed about quality, stress and water need. Your turf is talking to you.

We offer:


Rentals and/or Sale of Hawk-Eye™ Systems


for a problem green or where ever you need it to support the day's work.

We use a the right Hawk-Eye™ System, there are several versions, for the job it is best suited for. And we will coach you on how to use yours. A small personal hand held works well for quick looks at fans and drainage or daily stresses on greens. A semi-perminant Hawk-Eye™ installed on a tree for unattended operation will report daily temperatures and stresses via text to your phone and give you a continuos data record for restrospective analysis of locations. A mobile trailer mounted Hawk-Eye™ System moved around to support special projects or investigations of problem areas also works well for you.

Turf Quality, Stress Indexing and Irrigation Management with a Hawk-Eye™.


Daily Irrigation Presciptions for Every Irrigation Zone Based on Cumulitive Stress Measurements.

don't guess. let the turf tell you when to irrigate.

Heat Stress Cautions for Synthetic Turf Field Users and See the Maintenence Needed

autonomously. cautions are send via SMS to your phone. see summary information

Surveys of Fans During Installation

position and aim the fan right.

Audits of Operating Fans

is the Fan doing what you want it to do or are you burning money?


See a Sample Report


Drainage and Soil Wetness Surveys

is the irrigation/soil/plant/climate SYSTEM working for the turf?

Drainage & Soil Moisture


Dry Climate Irrigation Efficiency Reports & Irrigation Audit Support

is the irrigation/soil/plant/climate SYSTEM working for the turf?


See a sample of the fictional Tierra Ridge Country Club's Irrigation Efficiency Report


Thermal Image Analysis and Consulting Support

for your Hawk-Eye set-up or special studies and trials.

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