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ID the location(s) of Winterkill in Warm Season Turfgrass months before Green-Up

Impact of brackish water on turfgrass color and quality

Using Persistent Visual and Thermal Image Data to Measure Stress and Guide Irrigation


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Turf-Vu® Research & Development

The Hawk-Eye™ System was developed by Itri Corporation (Turf-Vu® is a division of ItriCorp). Our research facilitates continuos improvments to the system and the notice and alert algorithms.


During the 2014 growing season we developed and validated a new method for detecting crop stress remotely by the persistant measurement of the crop's leaf canopy temperature. We call this our Stress Index (SI).

In the 2015 season we continued to mature the SI and validatated that it tracks plant stress and stress relieving events.

In the 2016 and 2017 summer seasons we proved an Irrigation Index based from Hawk-Eye™ image data to facilitate the control of irrigation systems.

In 2018 we improved the index algorithms at our newly commissioned laboratory in Haymarket VA.

Our work is rooted in the concepts initiated by Jackson in 1982, that the plant can viewed as the integrator of the soil-water-plant relationship and the canopy temperature is the indicator of water stress.

The goals of our research is to establish the protocols and algorithms that can be easily applied to turf grass, specialty crops, and row crops. We aim to development affordable and simple to operate remote sensing systems that allow plants to talk immediately actionable information.

For the basics of Turfgrass Thermography see: Using Thermal and Visual Image Data to Manage Turfgrass. Read about our 2018 summer experiment to measure turf stress from irrigating with brackish water.

Turf-Vu® is a division of ItriCorp