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Hawk-Eye™ & EYAS Remote Sensing Systems

Hawk-Eye measures the canopy color, uniformity,and temperature.

You see the image data.

Hawk-Eye computes critical indices and reports.


These video briefs summarize why & how we autonomously, persistently, and remotely measure plant health and water status.

Although this series of episodes demonstrates on turfgrass, it is applicable to all C-3 and C-4 plants.


Basics of Color and Temperature Imaging Data

Chapter 1, Measuring Turf Grass Canopy Color and Temperature  https://vimeo.com/521483692

Chapter 2, Why Persistent Measurements https://vimeo.com/521484491

Chapter 3.1, Measuring Canopy Temperature to ID Health and Water Status https://vimeo.com/530917742

Chapter 3.2, Observing and Measuring Canopy Color to ID Quality and Health https://vimeo.com/531451134


Using the Hawk-Eye™ or EYAS

Chapter 4.1, Hawk-Eye™ & EYAS Home Page Orientation  https://vimeo.com/539736370

Chapter 4,2, Setting-Up Measurements https://vimeo.com/541667589

Chapter 4.2.a, Dissecting Color Image Data https://vimeo.com/540803518

Chapter 4.2.b, Dissecting Color Image Data https://vimeo.com/540803577

Chapter 4.3, Dissecting Color Image Data https://vimeo.com/552005738


Use Cases

Chapter 5.a, Using Fans to Reduce Turfgrass Heat Stress https://vimeo.com/552445878


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