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Using Image Data for Manageing Turfgrass

See A Day in the Life of a Green

Watch Hand Watering

Hawk-Eye™ can facilitate good practices for Summer Stressed Greens.

When to use a fan.

Measure Quality. See yellow tuft and dollar spot and other diseases with Hawk-Eye™ before you see it on the green.

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About Turf-Vu®

Products & Services

Immediately identify turf grass stress and the need for irrigation. The Hawk-Eye™ System is the tool for seeing and managing them.

Let the turf speak to you.

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Services & Products

About Turf-Vu®

Turf-Vu® Services and our Products are your oppontunity to guide and understand your cultivation practices.

Turf-Vu® Data, Notices, and Alerts are available with every Hawk-Eye™ and EYAS set-up.

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Giving Plants a Voice

Research & Development


Facilitating real-time conversations with the turf.

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