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About Turf-Vu®


Using Hawk-Eye™ Systems for Scouting and Irrigation, Why it Works.

Hawk-Eye System User Manual


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About Turf-Vu®

About Turf-Vu®


Immediately identify turf grass stress and irrigation needs by applying Turf-Vu®'s Stress Index and Irrigation Index. See a quantitative measure of quality with Turf-Vu®'s Quality Index.

You can see, and more importantly hear, what the turf is saying. A Hawk-Eye™ will be your translator.

Turf grass health is critical to playability and safety and good looks. You impact it with irrigation decisions, disease and pest management, and cultivation practices. It is paramount to know, in real time, the stresses on the turf so that the right descisions become evident. The Turf-Vu® Hawk-Eye™ System is your tool for seeing and managing the mitigation of stresses. Our services support you.

We deliver a turn-key Hawk-Eye™ System, including system notices and alerts about the turf, with operator and image interpretation training and post sales support.

By monitoring the turf's canopy temperatures and color variations it is possible to quickly identify stresses and immediately take action to mitigate the problems before they become unmanageable.

For an on-line look at real-time and archived data request a demo.

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